Light Vital was created and designed with a commitment to working talent and representing people in all facets of the entertainment industry. Our well respected reputation and strong relationships with a wide variety of industry professionals make for a foundation to build your empire off of. We bring our own past experiences as marketers, managers, publicists and performing artists to this business and we dedicate our lives to encouraging and working with our talent.  The diversity and strength at Light Vital is the one-of-a-kind talent that we represent. We know no limits.

We have a well seasoned staff that understands the industry ins and outs with experience in areas that include music videos, product placements, sync licensing, publishing, management, booking, multi-media, content curation and many other areas that allow us deep insights into this business. Everyone is a human, and that is how we respect them; as this creates success in the air that is both everlasting and limitless.

We believe each of our dedicated and persevering clients deserve to have their dreams become a reality and that is why we are here – to make that happen and design your journey with us, as one that is everlasting.

We are fully faithful to our clients and always create a very understanding and creatively conducive environment designed to encourage long-term relationships and opportunities.



The forward thinking sound designer, performing producer, mastermind and creator of the LeBoomin’ experience. He is a practical creative whose love of mechanics, engineering, music, marketing and business. His dream was to be free in his musical expression and to unify all people through his music; which he has accomplished.

Having worked with Scott Storch, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Mario, Usher, Tory Lanez, XXL Magazine, WWE, the NFL, Microsoft and MANY more – Draydel has proved his music revolutionary. He specializes in sound design, and while he has an affinity toward Pop, EDM and Hip Hop, will no sooner take an old classic rock song and add an EDM drop to it. He is highly in tune with the needs of each crowd and caters his set to both them and the area or event. In brief, he gets the people going with his energy, skill and preparation.



A jaw-dropping interactive Crypto Car convertible that doubles as a marketing dream. It is the ‘LeBaron that Booms’. Equipped with a turntable and mixer replacing the backseat, 30 speakers including two 15″ PA Speakers hovering 6ft above the car, Lamborghini doors, custom interior, 4 CPU’s, 5 AMG batteries, a DBX DriveRack, 18 channel mixer, DBX compressor and all topped with a 28,000 watt sound system and accented by 6 LED systems which dance to the music!

This car draws attention from any and all that it encounters by providing viewers with a unique experience that includes live mixes, DJing, artist performances, giving out NFT’s as collectables, dancing and on the fly beat making. It has been built over the course of four years, has it’s innovative cryptocurrency wallet QR codes for digital tips.





Light Vital Entertainment is an event planning, artist marketing and publishing agency with locations in Miami, Nashville and Los Angeles. We believe that talent can be discovered – but it also requires a stage for expression, canvas for imagination, lights for vision, dedication, and the client specific attention to detail that we provide at our events.



We work non-stop to secure the most fitting venues and passionate opportunities for our clients in the available. Our daily commitment is to assure that our clients accomplish both their professional and personal goals. LV involves an extensive and thorough network of event planners, stage hands, specialists and experts that are ready to ensure our clients’ success and passionate expression.



Light Vital has built a brand as one of the premier music marketing, management and artist branding Public Relation firms in a multitude of industries, but primarily – the music industry. Offering a wide variety of Public Relation campaigns from artists signed to major labels to those who are up and coming, independently focused artists who are looking for their next big break. Our clients easily begin their goals, grow and reach their career goals with us. We are there developing and redefining the focus with you every step of the way.

Artists will work with our team at the highest levels of supremacy and expertise. Our hands-on style and openly direct communication, secures routine and timely connections to make sure our clients stay on the track they have set out to meet. Those seeking our campaigns can expect the most hands-on, confronting yet rewarding developments of their entire career. The dynamic radio interviews, timely schedules, press releases, Twitter and Instagram blasts, mixed in with the efficient meetings, are all aimed to surpass any other experience meant to continue the growth of any of our artist’s career.

Marketing Strategy Business concept. The meeting at the white office table



Here at Light Vital, we believe that content creators deserve more. That’s why we give you more control over your art, more transparency to your data and more money for your work compared to other publishing companies. Not only are you receiving all this and more, but the marketing, management and Public Relations are all in-house as well! This makes for a more conducive, friendly, business oriented environment that focuses and guides our Clients to reach their goals in the most productive and most seamless way possible.

There are no goals too big, no vision too large and no mountain too big to move. Here at Light Vital, we believe every one holds a vital light to shine in the dark areas of the world and our job is to direct that light, amplify that light and get that light to reach the furthest distance possible.

We are Light Vital.